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Coach & Consultant


"I recommend people take opportunity earlier, rather than later ... " Ben, Senior Manager

"I would highly recommend working with Kate to progress change." Schellion, Dir. of Operations & Transformation

"Kate is a brilliant & incredibly talented Coach" Katie, Chief Executive Officer

"Kate helped motivate me to make life changing career decisions" Saeed, Senior Doctor


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"If you are looking for performance enhancing coaching whether in your business or life in general, I would highly recommend Dr Kate MT."

Katie Olver, CEO, CryptolandPR

"Her understanding of change and development, at an individual & team level, produces a powerful offer..."

Dr Mike Robinson, Public Health Director




Leadership Coaching

Performance Coaching

Career Coaching


 Emerging Talents, all Levels of Management

through to CEO & Board  Level


in Professional Roles


All Sectors 




Designed and adapted to client needs.


Coaching Masterclasses for staff responsible for training:

Introduction to Coaching, sharing experiences and applying coaching topractice.

Group Career Development Workshops for Professionals wishing

to Strategise for Success.  

Creating a Healthy Feedback Culture & Impactful Appraisal 

Preventing, Recognising & Managing Burnout




Kate is a qualified MBTI Provider & offers 360 evaluations.


Get greater understanding of how you work & how colleagues experience it.

Offered as part of a course of Coaching Sessions.

Contact Dr Kate Mtandabari (MT), to discuss your needs.
+ 44 (0)7974 266091






Design & Delivery of

Bespoke Training Programmes

Quality Assurance 

& Appraisal

360 evaluations





Group Facilitation

(Expertise in Cross-Sector, Multi-disciplinary & Cross-hierarchy Facilitation)

Change Facilitation

Creating Communities of Practice



Contact Dr Kate Mtandabari (MT), to discuss your organisations needs.
+ 44 (0)7974 266091

Testimonials: Coaching
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What does working with Dr Kate MT as your Coach bring you ?

Personal Change,

Success & Achievement

Ben sought LEADERSHIP Coaching to work through building a succession plan, learning how to be a more effective leader and managing change.  


"Kate is insightful, well prepared and flexible. Working with Kate enabled me to make personal change which brought about success and achievement”

"I would recommend people to take the opportunity earlier, rather than later, in their leadership career”

Ben, Senior Manager, Healthcare Provider

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Improved Productivity 

& Greater Authenticity

Jenny had just started a high responsibility, time pressured and challenging role when she started


"Working with Kate has given improved my confidence, my productivity at work and enabled me to "own" my role more."

"Coaching with Kate has helped me make links and brought me new joy, fulfilment and authenticity.

Jenny, Regional Senior Manager  


Enhanced Motivation, New Clarity

& Augmented Decision Making

Saeed is a very high achieving and ambitious man who was looking for greater challenge and satisfaction in his work.


Using a course of CAREER Coaching sessions, Saeed decided to change jobs. He now enjoys increased pay, a greater sense of being valued and a work culture that suits him.


He also used the Coaching sessions to explore the challenges he experiences as a gay man working in a traditional professional context.


"Working with Kate enabled me to open unconsidered possibilities."

“Kate helped motivate me to make life changing career decisions”

Saeed, Senior Doctor

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Non-judgemental Challenge to enable Clarity

Maria identified her need for a greater sense of direction in her work. Kate provided CAREER coaching together

to develop an effective strategy.


“Kate has a very calm and trustworthy demeanour”. 

“She did very well to challenge me during the activities. I never felt judged or pressured.” 

“Kate’s strategies and input has really helped me make a difference”

Maria, Logistics Consultant


Listens & Delivers

Coaching Bespoke to You

Carol had LEADERSHIP Coaching. One of her goals was to learn how to further develop and utilise her professional network.  


"I had an excellent experience working with Kate. In particular, I found her very considerate of my individual needs” 

Carol, CEO, Training Provider

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Performance - Development Balance

John is an experienced practitioner whom Kate has worked with during several appraisals for NHS England. Kate uses PERFORMANCE COACHING techniques within appraisals.


"Kate has an effective balance between the regulatory / performance element of appraisal and the developmental and supportive side. I have worked with Kate over several years and she makes the process enjoyable and effective."


Increased Productivity &  Decisive Prioritorisation

The CEO of Cryptoland PR had LEADERSHIP coaching.

"Kate is a brilliant and incredibly talented coach. If you are looking for performance enhancing coaching whether in your business, career or life in general I would highly recommend Dr Kate MT. "

Names are often changed to offer anonymity



How does working with Dr Kate MT bring value?

Testimonials: Consultancy
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Project Work

Design, Deliver, Project Management, Supervision & Evaluation

"Kate combines her clinical experience of primary care delivery and her understanding of change and development, at an individual and team level, to produce a powerful offer for health and care transformation. When I was Director of Public Health for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster City Council, Kate worked with us on a large innovative prevention piece we were undertaking"

Dr Mike Robinson, Public Health Director 

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea


Design & Delivery

Process Mapping & Communication Skills 

After the CEO worked with Kate as a coaching client, Cryptolandpr commissioned Kate to provide a training programme as a Consultant.

"Kate is a brilliant and incredibly talented coach. If you are looking for performance enhancing coaching whether in your business, career or life in general I would highly recommend Dr Kate MT. She was so quick to help me understand and assess the challenges I was facing in my business, despite not having direct knowledge of the industry, and very quickly helped me realised the actions I needed to take. She helped me break down the steps into bite-size actions and gave me the tools to ensure I stayed on track. It is her specialised level of facilitation that enables you to come to your own understanding of the situation, which has lead me to conduct a number of workshops with Kate and our team to quickly find new ways of addressing challenges in the business. Every session I have with Kate leaves me feeling empowered and energised."

Katie Olver, CEO Cryptolandpr

London Workforce Board

for Health & Social Care

Engagement & Facilitation

Commissioned by Health London Partnership

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 09.29.50.png

"Kate worked with HLP [Health London Partnership] to facilitate the London Health and Social Care Workforce Steering Group on several occasions. She used her skills and knowledge to bring the high level cross sector delegates together, find the consensus and create tangible outcomes. Her professional attitude towards engaging all the people prior to the events, her organisation and being up to date with relevant material was excellent. I would highly recommend working with Kate to help progress change."

Schellion Horn, Dir. of Operations & Transformation, Health London Partnership

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Group Coaching Workshop

Kate ran a Group Coaching Workshop for DAPS (Doctors Advancing Patient Safety) Global Summer School. Her ability to engage the multi-disciplinary delegates and make everyone feel comfortable to open up was amazing. Kate’s style is very approachable, she ran an organised session and proved to reliably deliver on the day. What stood out for me was her creativity and how she helped the individuals within teams feedback to each other regarding the others strengths and challenge areas in a positive and constructive manner. The session felt a very helpful qualitative experience for co-founders and organisers. Whilst the delegates went away with greater insight into their personal performance in their teams, improved confidence regarding their individual strengths and some ideas for development. Thank you Kate.

Dr Agatha Nortley-Meshe,

Head of DAPS Global Consulting,

Assistant Medical Dir. of London Ambulance Service

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Professional Development Training

Career Development One Day Workshop

Helping people plan their next career step

"Kate has a very clear and approachable style to facilitation. Throughout the course her enthusiasm for Coaching was infectious and the day’s learning flowed really well"
"Kate is approachable and knowledgable."
"Kate was very clear with her explanations, avoiding unnecessary jargon and was able to keep the group focused."
“I felt Kate was very non-judgemental.  When necessary, she gently steered us back to the topic. I really enjoyed the exercises and tools she used.”
“She encouraged me to challenge myself in a friendly and approachable manner”


Members of the Royal College of General Practitioners


CLIENTS: Organisations


College London


Royal Borough of Kensington

& Chelsea

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 13.54.05.png

NHS England

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 09.02.57.png

Royal College of

General Practitioners


City Council


Healthy London Partnership - London Workforce Board

Difficult Conversations

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Helping people, and organisations, get clarity and make changes.


I work with people and organisations to develop a greater understanding of the status quo.  By listening, and applying tailored process, we work together to identify the issues, the areas for change and your goals.  This identifies how you can change from the potential to reality zones and make improvements in performance, services and products.  Clients report greater satisfaction in the workplace, improved efficiency and work-life balance.  

Working as a medical doctor, I am used to having to make quick decisions, work in high pressured environments whilst being aware of the importance of good communication. This experience has helped me relate to, and bring value to, other sectors and people with high performance expectations.

Providing services to enable you to make the change(s) needed to take your leadership, career or organisation forward.

My style has been described as optimistic, positive & pragmatic. Strengths clients comment on include my non judgemental understanding, ability to challenge and work with people to understand the crux of the issue. 

I have an interest in supporting the development of more Diverse and Inclusive Organisations and have coached many senior leaders who might not had opportunities in the past and continue to face challenges, whether identifying as BAME, LGBT, disabled or female.  As with all my Coaching, the key objective is that the sessions are adapted to the unique person and their needs. 



I don't think I ever believed I had just one vocation, but I have always known that I love working with people.  Over my 20 + years career, I have always split my time between medicine and providing professional development services including training, appraisals and coaching. In 1997, I graduated from University College London (One of the top ten Global Universities) with merit. In addition, I have a Psychology (with BMS) BSc (Neuropyschology, Cognitive & Social Psychology) and various postgraduate qualifications (incl. MRGP & coaching qualifications). My portfolio is illustrated within this website. I come from a business family background so the combination of medicine and coaching-consultancy has felt very natural. As my private coaching practice grew so did the different sectors my clients came from, however they all shared the fact that their roles had high responsibility. I work within my Coaching-Consultancy Practice ( 3 days per week and  continue to work as a Doctor with a specialist interest in Mental Health and Wellbeing 2 days per week for NHS Practitioner Health.


My husband is a GP Partner in Marylebone and we have two great kids. We live in London close to Richmond, Bushy Park and Hampton Court Palace. I love to unwind running in the parks or grabbing a coffee and walking along the river with friends. So far we have resisted a dog, thought have been very tempted.



"It would be great to hear more about you or your organisations needs.
Email or text me and let's schedule a call."


Kate MT


*Due to COVID19 & the length of appointments, all consultations are via ZOOM or Skype until further notice*


Although based in London, UK, Kate is flexible regarding location & offers both national & international services. 

Many clients prefer to come to her consulting rooms in Lancaster Gate (Central London)

or Teddington (near Hampton Court Palace). Both locations are within easy reach of Heathrow.


Should it be helpful to the client, Dr Kate MT has access to training spaces in Tavistock Square, Central London, at reduced rate. In addition, she has built relationships with other training venue providers.


Provision of specialist NHS services (expertise in mental health and occupational issues) in London via the NHS Health Practitioners Programme 

+44 (0)7974 266091



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1. Contact Kate directly via email at (no need to provide much information at this stage)

2. Kate will reply within 24 hrs

3. Fix a time that works for you to speak informally about your, or the organisations, needs and ask Kate any questions about how she works etc. 

4. Decide if to proceed.

Many clients reach Dr Kate MT by world of mouth. References available.

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